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  • Justin Grimm

Inaugural Mongolian 1st League Season Wraps Up

Today the final matches of the inaugural edition of the Mongolian 1st League concluded. With Continental FC, Khangarid City FC, and Bayangol FC all entering their final matches with 21 points, the push for promotion was exciting until the very end.

Three of the week's five matches took place yesterday, with none of them having the ability to influence the top of the standings. DMU battled Sharyn Gol FC with the latter coming out as the 6-1 victor. The result meant that DMU would fail to earn a single point for the season with nine defeats in nine matches. In a mid-table match, ARD Daatgal defeated Arvis FC 5-2 but the result had no affect on the final standings. In the final match of the day, Mongolian Dream was defeated by Baganuur, solidifying both teams' final positions in the bottom half of the table.

By fate, the three contenders for the first and second promotion places were all scheduled to play today. Leaders Continental FC defeated Bayangol FC 5 to 3, virtually guaranteeing that they would be crowned champions with Bayangol earning the bronze. Khangarid City defeated Metro FC in its match. The three points placed them level with Continental FC with 24 points but the team earned the silver medal on the goal differential tie-breaker.

Continental FC and Khangarid City FC are eligible to compete in the Mongolian Premier League next season with Ulaanbaataryi Mazaalaynuud and Soëmbyn Barsuud being relegated and taking their places in 2016.

This year's tournament ran from 22 August to 3 October.

2015 Mongolian 1st League Final Table

Below is the list of leading goalscorers entering the final matchday of the season. They are not final statistics as any goals scored in the final matches of the season are not included. Although it is unlikely that Bayangol FC's D. Nasandelger's 4-goal lead over Continental's Khamkhoyev Islam was overtaken on the final matchday, it is possible as Continental FC scored five goals in its final match.

Update: Since the conclusion of the 2015 1st League Season, it has been revealed that neither team that earned promotion will compete in the Premier League next season. Continental FC has been disbanded after they refused promotion. The club's head coach does not hold an A-level badge which makes him ineligible to coach in the top division. Bayangol FC will be promoted in their place. Khangarid City FC has sold their Premier League license to newly-formed Ulaanbaatar City FC owner, the IT Group. Khangarid City FC will compete in the 2016 1st League under the new name Beşiktaş.

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