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Ulaanbaatar City FC's New G-Mobile Arena Under Construction

Image property of Ulaanbaatar City FC

Ulaanbaatar City FC continues to raise expectations for Mongolian football clubs. Following a season which saw the nascent, high-spending club sign several high-profile players including Murun Altankhuyag and Oyunbaatar Mijiddorj; finish second in the league; and win the FA Cup, Ulaanbaatar City has now broken ground on its new stadium, the G-Mobile Arena, with naming rights being purchased by wireless communication company G-Mobile. The 3,000-seat stadium is being constructed on 4 hectares. Fast Road LLC and HBS LLC are the constractors.

Image property of Ulaanbaatar City FC

The new arena is located near the Buyant Ukhaa Sport Palace and the Chinggis Khaan Airport in the tenth district of Khan Uul and is expected to be complete in the third quarter of 2018. As seen in the rendering, the stadium will be completely enclosed with a roof over all seats. It appears that the roofing will be completely covered with sod. According to one report, the stadium will also house a sophisticated complex including dressing rooms and a swimming pool. Previously, the club shared the 3,500-seat MFF Football Centre Stadium with most other Mongolian Premier League clubs. The G-Mobile Arena will be the third stadium in the league, joining the MFF Stadium and Erchim Stadium.

The article will be updated as more details become available.



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