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  • Justin Grimm

Squad for Under-19 AFC Championship Announced

With approximately three weeks until Mongolia hosts Group I of 2018 AFC U-19 Championship qualification, today Erchim FC and Under-19 coach Zorigtyn Battulga announced his 23-man squad for the tournament. The squad consists of players from clubs in the top two tiers of Mongolian football. Deren FC, a club that focuses heavily on youth development, is the greatest contributor to the squad with eleven players, in addition to A. Degurun who is a product of the club. Additionally, young phenom Ganbold Ganbayar and his Puskás Akadémia teammate Degurun are part of the squad and expected to play a vital role in the upcoming matches.

In preparation for the tournament, the team will play in three friendly matches in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China. Mongolia will host its group at the MFF Football Centre Stadium in Ulaanbaatar from 4-8 November 2017. The team begins its qualifying campaign against Japan on 4 November before facing Thailand and Singapore with two days rest between matches.

Under-19 Squad

A. Mendbayar / Deren FC E. Erdenebayar / FC Ulaanbaatar D. Tsendjav / Goyo FC D. Bilguun / Deren FC O. Davaadelger / Deren FC A. Degurun / Puskás Akadémia FC T. Khash-Erdene / Deren FC S. Jambalbuuu / DMM M. Nyamdavaa / Deren FC B. Batmunkh / Deren FC P. Bilgarjargal / Deren FC B. Garamambazar / Arvis O. Khankerger / FC Ulaanbaatar M. Janserik / Deren FC G. Ankhbayar / Erchim FC Gandbold Ganbayar / Puskás Akadémia FC B. Erdene-Undrakh / Mongolian Dream B. Baljinnyam / Khoromkhon FC Ts. Baasanjav / Deren FC E. En-Erdene / Deren FC Aeenhuble / DUU Ch. Shinhezun / Erchim FC

G. Bat-Orgil / Deren FC


Senior coach: Z.Battulga Assistant Coach: D. Batnasan Goalkeeper: G.Delgoldalai Team doctor: Masatoshi Nishikido

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