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  • Justin Grimm

2018 First League Season Comes to an End

Final-2018 First League Table

The 2018 Mongolian First League season came to a close earlier this month and next year's two new Premier League participants have been decided.

This season's competition featured nine matches, one match against each other team. The past two seasons have consisted of eighteen matches with each team playing each other twice. This is the first, and only other, 9-match season since the inaugural First League campaign in 2015.

This year's winners were Ulaanbaataryn Unaganuud FC who completed an extremely impressive undefeated 10-match season with a goal differential of +57 after conceding onlyfour goals and bagging 61 themselves.

Ulaanbaataryn Unaganuud FC is no stranger to the Premier League as they were league champions for the 2009 season. The promotion means that the club spent only one season in the second division after coming in 10th place and being relegated following the 2017 Premier League season.

The other promotion spot went to another team with no shortage of time in Mongolia's top division, Khoromkhon FC. The team nearly completed an undefeated season of its own if not for its defeat to Ulaanbaataryn Unaganuud.

Khoromkhon FC has won the Premier League title twice (2005 and 2014) and competed as Mongolian's representative in the 2016 AFC Cup. The club also has a history of producing top talent such as Ganbold Ganbayar who left the club in 2017 to joing Puskas Akademia FC in Hungary.

Khoromkhon FC also returns to the Premier League after only a single season in the second division.

The bottom two positions are held by league newcomer Family Fruits FC in 10th place and perennial competitor Sharyn Gol FC finishing in last place without a single victory.

More information about individual player awards and statistics will be provided as it becomes available.

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