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  • Justin Grimm

Ganbayar Makes League Debut, Scores

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Today Ganbold Ganbayar made his league debut for the Puskas Akademia FC under-19 team.

The Mongolian prodigy also recorded his first league goal for the club as they fell to Debreceni VSC's under-19 team 1-3 in Budapest.

Ganbayar scored at the 51st minute mark after starting the second half as a substitute for Fekete Leonard Oliver to level the match 1-1. Unfortunately Debreceni added two more strikes before the final whistle to secure the win.

After three matches, Puskas Akademia are now in last place in the 8-team division after recording three straight defeats. The victory moved Debreceni up to third in the table.

Ganbayar's debut comes almost exactly two years after Ganbayar originally joined the club in September 2016 as an uncontracted member of the youth academy squad.

Late last month, Ganbayar signed a contract in anticipation of his 18th birthday which fell only six days ago. To this point, he has been able to only feature in friendly matches and non-league competitions such as the Puskas and Honved Cups.

Now that the player is eligible, we can expect to see much more action from the player in official matches.

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