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  • Justin Grimm

New Opening Date Set for G-Mobile Arena

Ulaanbaatar City FC's new "European-style" G-Mobile Arena was first expected to open during the third quarter of 2018, just in time for the 2018 Premier League Season.

A second announcement came from the club that a short delay had caused the practice pitch to be ready by June 2018 and the main arena to be open by the "latter stages of the 2018 season." The 2018 season, surely a disappointing one for Ulaanbaatar City in many ways, came and went without another mention of the team's gorgeous new home. However, in an exclusive statement to Mongolian Football Central, a UB City official has provided a new anticipated opening date.

In an exclusive statement, a team official said "It will be over by Late April 2019, due to cold fall and winter many things had to be delayed." This new anticipated opening would make the arena available within the first few weeks of the 2019 season which would likely require the club to play yet a few more games at the MFF Football Centre Stadium.

As previously reported naming rights for the arena were purchased by wireless communication company G-Mobile. The 3,000-seat stadium is being constructed on 4 hectares near the Chingis Khan Airport and Buyant Ukhaa Sport Palace. Fast Road LLC and HBS LLC are the constractors.

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