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  • Justin Grimm

2019 Amateur Cup in Review

Image property of the MFF

The 2019 Amateur Cup was held from 1 May to 17 May at the MFF Football Centre. This year's competition featured thirteen clubs, including several reserve sides of teams higher up the pyramid. Clubs were divided into three groups for a round-robin style first stage. The top clubs from each group moved on the knockout rounds.

Group matches were played 1 May to 9 May while the knockout matches ran from 13 to 17 of that month.

Newly-formed BCH Lions defeated Khad FC in the final to win the title and the right to compete in the 2019 Second League. Khökh Chononuud FC defeated Khökh Arslanguud FC to take home the bronze medal.

Three players tied for the league lead with nine goals each over the short season: Hayato Usui (BCH Lions), Oyuntuya Oyunbold (Mongoliin Temuulel FC), and B. Chinbayar (Hunters FC).

Final Results

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Individual Match Results

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Top Scorers

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A new entrant and clearly the coolest club of the tournament was Owl FC, a group of Harry Potter fans. Although the team lost all of its matches by a total of 3-39, including a 1-16 defeat to BCH Lions, they surely won a special place in the hearts of fans.

Owl FC Logo



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