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  • Justin Grimm

Gepro FC Wins 2019 First League, Khuree Kuvguud takes Wooden Spoon

After only one season back in the Mongolian second division, Gepro FC will return to the Premier League in 2020, making them Mongolia's new yo-yo club. Runners-up UB Mazalaalainuud who are also no stranger to the top division have also earned promotion.

Sumida and Khuree Kuvguud placed ninth and tenth, respectively, and should be playing in the second-ever Second League season in 2020.

Individual awards were also given out following the final matchday. Buddorj helped UBM secure the bronze with his play earning him the Best Goalkeeper Award. Despite their teams finishing farther down the table, O. Ochbayar from Khovd earned Best Defender honours while A. Monkh-Orgil of DMU was named Best Midfielder. Despite his team finishing in fifth place, B. Namsrai of Soyombiin Barsuud scored 27 of his team's 43 goals to win the Golden Boot. Look for these players to sign with Premier League clubs prior to the 2020 season.

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