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  • Justin Grimm

2020 Mongolian Football Calendar Released

The full 2020 calendar of events in Mongolian football has been revealed. As usual, the season will open with the annual Super Cup match. This year's contest will see league Champions Ulaanbaatar City FC face Erchim FC, who won the league cup in 2019. The match will be played on 4 April 2020.

Only a day later, the 2020 MPL season will commence. This season will once again include an 18-match regular season and 4-match promotion/relegation series. The regular season will conclude on 13 September with the promotion/relegation series wrapping up on 18 October.

The opening round of the MFF Cup will take place on 23/24 May. The final will be held six days after the conclusion of the 2020 MPL Season, on 24 October.

The 1st League, the second division of football in Mongolia, will begin its season on 13 of April and end on 10 October.

The second-ever 2nd League (3rd Division) season kicks off on 17 July with the 10-match schedules concluding on 20 September.

There will be a short pause in all play from 7 July to 16 July. Only the Premier League will also have a break between 1 October and 13 October.

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