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  • Justin Grimm

Anduud City in Dire Financial Shape, Players Not Paid

It seems like Anduud City FC, who only a few years ago seemed poised to become a top club in the Mongolian Premier League and has seemed to have several large corporate sponsorship partners, has an uncertain future as new investors have taken over the club amid financial hardship.

The story first came to light a few days ago when former Anduud City defender and MPL veteran Alim Zumakulov (above) posted a letter online to the Mongolian Football Federation president Ganbaatar Amgalanbaatar about pay that he and at least two other Russian teammates had not received since the close of the 2019 season on 26 October. In fact, the unpaid salary equals four months pay plus bonus.

The letter came, in the player's words, because, "since they promise that they will pay soon, but this did not happen." Other players from the club, including Nechay Igor, echoed Zumakulov's frustration.

Anduud City replied directly to Zumakulov's letter stating, "We try to do our best" to which Japanese player Naoya Tokai responded, "How many times we heard this word??I think one millions times. No need some word, Just show in action Anduud City FC". Tokai seems to have already moved on from the club, signing for ISI Dangkor Sanchey FC in North Korea.

Zumakulov, who left Mongolia to return home to Russia for the offseason on October 30, said that when he left Mongolia, Anduud City ownership promised he would receive his pay soon. Shortly thereafter it was announced that new investors had taken over the club. These new investors, however, seem to have made the same broken promises.

More than a month has passed since the takeover and wages still have not been paid.

Have we seen the end of Anduud City as we know it? Will the new investors be able to catch up on pay and prepare for the 2020 season? What will happen to the many stars who shined for the club despite not receiving their pay? We will learn soon enough.

Mongolian Football Central has reached out to Anduud City for Comment.

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