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2020 Golden Ball Winners Announced (Virtually)

Despite the ongoing lockdowns in Mongolia and around the world, the 6th edition of the annual Mongolian Football Federation Golden Ball Awards were streamed virtually from Ulaanbaatar today. As always, the media and individuals involved in football voted on the winners, along with the public.

Over 500 spectators watched the ceremony across virtual platforms in addition to those who viewed on television. The guest of honour this year was AFC President Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa. Al Khalifa praised the MFF for its successful MPL and Futsal League seasons played under such trying circumstances. Messages by Ganbold Ganbayar, Mongolian starlet currently playing in Hungary, and Borussia Dortmund’s Karl-Heinz Riedle, were also delivered.

Male Player of the Year

Winner: Naranbold Nyam-Osor

The Mongolian striker is a perennial contender for the award but was a ringer for top male player this year. His 29 goals were top in the league as Athletic 220 FC cruised to its first Premier League title and beat Ulaanbaatar City FC in the AFC Cup play-off.

Male Futsal Player of the Year

Winner: O.Oyunbold

The Mongolian Dream attacker was the top scorer in the futsal league this season, setting a league record with 20 goals in a single match along the way.

Female Player of the Year

Winner: N. Delgerzaya

The Tulnuud Club was named the best player of the women's league.

Manager of the Year

Winner: Bayasgalan Gardmagnai

The legend of the Mongolian national football team, still also involved in the league as a player, has been named the men's manager of the year. In addition to leading Athletic 220 FC to its first MPL title, he was also a player and member of the coaching staff that lead BCH Lions to the 1st League championship.

Futsal Manager of the Year

Winner: S. Erdene-Ochir

The Unaganuud manager was the top vote-getter to win the award for the first time.

Female Team Manager of the Year

Winner: V. Munkhjargal

Munkhjargal was at the helm for Deren's women's team this season.

Referee of the Year

Winner: B. Khash-Erdene

Khash-Erdene served as a top official in both the football and futsal leagues in 2020.

Goal of the Season

Winner: Naranbold Nyam-Osor

Nyam-Osor's scissor kick goal off of a set-piece against Ulaanbaatar City beat out several stellar goals, including BCH Lions Batkhüyag Munkh-Erdene's scissor kick goal which garnered international media attention.

League Best XI


Forwards: Naranbold Nyam-Osor (Athletic 220 FC), O. Munkh-Orgil (Deren)

Midfielders: Ts. Munkh-Erdene (Khangarid), A. Temuujin (Athletic 220), Tulgudur Munkh-Erdene (SP Falcons), A. Dulguun (Deren)

Defenders: B. Temuulen (Khangarid), Turbat Daginaa (Athletic 220), O. Munkh-Erdene (SP Falcons), G. Bilguun (Khangarid)

Goalkeeper: Enkhtaivan Munkh-Erdene (Athletic 220)

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