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2021/22 Seasons Conclude, 22/23 Details Emerge

This past week the top three tiers of the Mongolian football pyramid concluded their 2021/22 seasons. At the closing of the season, the Mongolian Football Federation announced that the 2022/23 MPL campaign will keep the same18-match, split-season format, with next season kicking off on 20 August. As in previous years, the season will begin with the annual Super Cup six days before the first MPL matches are played. The summer transfer window opened on 4 July and will remain open through 15 August.

Following are the league table and highlights of the MPL, First League, and Second league seasons.

Mongolian Premier League

After a one-season stumble, Khaan Khuns-Erchim is back at the top of the table for the 13th time. FC Ulaanbaatar kept it close in second while Ulaanbaatar City rounds out the top three. At the bottom of the table, BCH Lions finished last and are automatically relegated to the First League next season. 9th-place Khovd has already secured its spot in the MPL next year by defeating First League runners-up Khökh Chononuud by an aggregate score of 4-2. Khökh Chononuud took a 2-1 advantage into the second leg but Khovd was awarded a walkover 3-0 victory after their opponents did not have enough players to field a team.

Individual awards went to the following individuals:

Best Goalkeeper: Batsaikhan Ariunbold (Erchim)

Best Defender: Gochoo Bilguun (Erchim)

Best Midfielder: Nemanja Krusevac (FC Ulaanbaatar)

Best Forward: Mishima Yuta (Erchim)

Fair Play: BCH Lions

Best Referee: E. Ariunbold

Best Assistant Referee: B. Logshir

First League

Mongolia's yoyo club in recent years, Khormkhon FC, is back in the MPL after being relegated last season via their championship this season. Khökh Chononuud has already learned its fate via its failed promotion series against Khovd. The Blue Wolves will unluckily for them still compete in the First League next season. Khan-Uul has been automatically relegated by virtue of its 10th-place finish while Hunters FC will be fighting for survival against Second League runners-up Selenge FC. Khan-Uul achieved a staggering -137 goal difference over the 18-match season after conceding 142 and tallying just five.

Individual awards went to the following individuals:

Best Goalkeeper: E. Purevragch (Khökh Chononuud)

Best Defender: G. Amarsanaa (Khoromkhon)

Best Midfielder: T. Monkhbaatar (Khoromkhon)

Best Forward: Sodmönkh Ankhbayar (Blue Wolves) with 14 goals

Golden Boot: B. Damdinsuren (DMU) and T. Monkhbaatar (Khoromkhon) with 26 goals each

Best Referee: G. Sukh-Erdene

Best Assistant Referee: B. Enkhbold

The 2022/23 First League season will be split into Autumn and Spring halves with the Autumn season kicking off 14 August 2022. The Spring season will conclude on 25 May 2022. Each club will play 18 total matches.

Second League

FC Bavarians, a club started by Mongolian fans of the German club FC Bayern Munich, has earned promotion to the First League by finishing first in the table. Selenge FC will face Hunters FC in a promotion series to determine who will be promoted or relegated. A new club entered the competition this year. WARD FC is a club created by Manchester United FC fans from Ulaanbaatar.

Individual awards went to the following individuals:

Best Goalkeeper: N. Ulziymyagmar (Alliance ZHR)

Best Defender: G. Bayarbaatar (Selenge FC)

Best Midfielder/Player: B. Battushig (Bavarians)

Best Forward: B. Chinbayar (Khökh Arslanguud) with 24 goals

Best Referee: B. Tamir

The Second League will commence the 2022/23 season on 10 August 2022 and conclude on 18 May 2023. The league will also maintain the split-season schedule with an 18-match schedule for each club.

UPDATE: Selenge FC defeated Hunters FC 4-2 on aggregate and will play in the First League next season. Hunters FC are relegated to Second League.



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