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2021 Transfer Tracker (Updated)

Image property of the MFF

19 October 2020-Amaraa Dulguun has extended his contract with Deren FC

19 October 2020-Nigerian centre forward Chimezi Kalu has signed for Deren FC. The 27-year-old Kalu has played in Mongolian since 2013 for MPL clubs Khangarid, Selenge Press, and Khoromkom FC. He spent last season with Kovd of the First League.

31 October 2020-Serbian coach Vojislav Bralusic has been named new head coach of FC Ulaanbaatar. The coach is no stranger to Mongolian football, formerly leading Erchim FC, Deren FC, Anduud City and, most recently, Ulaanbaatar City.

6 December 2020- Ulaanbaatar City FC has announced that Oyunbaatar Mijiddorj has signed a 2-year contract extension with the club. The attacker originally joined the club in 2017.



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