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  • Justin Grimm

2022/2023 National Amateur Cup in Review

Image property of the MFF

Since 2014 the National Amateur Cup has served as Mongolia's fourth division and gateway to the league system. Participants included a mix of a number of small independent clubs and the reserve squads of teams in higher leagues. The 10-day tournament began on 26 August 2022 with all twenty six total matches played at the new Khan-Uul Stadium.

The twelve participating teams were divided into three groups of four. Each team played every other team in its group one time. Following the Group Stage the top two teams moved on to the knockout stages. The top two third-place clubs, Khad FC 2 and Shine Yarmag FC (New Fair FC) also advanced.

Inaugural champions Bayangol FC defeated the falcons of Shonkhor FC to win the bronze medal. The team of Capitron Bank and Irvesuud FC battled to a scoreless draw in the final with Capitron edging the Leopards 5 to 4 on penalities.

Both Capitron and Irvesuud received automatic promotion to the Second League for the 2022/23 campaign. The season has already begun with both clubs faring well in fourth and seventh position respectively exiting the winter break.

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Individual Awards

Best Goalkeeper:

O. Temulen (Irvesuud FC)

Best Defender:

H. Enkhzorig (Capitron)

Best Midfielder:

M. Enkh-Od (Capitron, Captain)

Best Foward:

M. Buveybaatar (Bayangol, 10 goals)

Note: Irvesuud FC wore kits with the former logo of Hunters FC throughout the tournament. However, promotional materials with a new Irvesuud FC logo and the Irvesuud name were distributed by the MFF on all official materials. Hunters FC still exists and is currently playing in the Mongolian Second League. It is unclear if Irvesuud is a breakaway club from Hunters, reserve side, if the kits were simply donated, or another association.



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