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  • Justin Grimm

2023 MFF Cup: Ulaanbaatar Wins First Title

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The final of the MFF Cup was played 9 July 2023 between Khoromkhon FC and FC Ulaanbaatar. Ulaanbaatar eventually won the match 4 to 0 to win competition for the first time and secure the double as champion of the league also.

The tournament kicked off in April 2023 with the Stage 1 featuring clubs from the lower divisions of Mongolian football. Premier League Clubs entered in Stage 3. While it was surprising to see Khoromkhon, who had struggled in the league this season, in the final perhaps the most surprising club was Erdenes Ilch FC. The second-tier club made it all the way to the semi-finals before being edged by Khoromkhon. An awarded 3-0 victory in Stage 4 over Ulaanbaatar City, who ceased operations mid-season, also boosted the club.

Because FC Ulaanbaatar won both the league and the cup competition, they faced Deren FC on 30 July in the annual Super Cup. Deren participated because the club finished second in the league last season. Ulaanbaatar was unable to continue its dominance, ultimately falling to Deren 1-2. Deren took the lead in the 17th minute through a strike by O. Munkh-Orgil and doubled the lead in the 35th minute thanks to B. Usukh-Ireedui. Despite a 57th-minute goal by Sasha Teofanov, Ulaanbaatar was unable to equalize.

This was Deren's second Super Cup title after defeating Athletic 220 2-0 in 2021/2022. FC Ulaanbaatar also finished runner-up in last season's Super Cup, falling to Erchim FC on penalties.

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