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Bavarians FC Earns Premier League Promotion

Image property of the MFF

Today, First League runners-up Bavarians FC defeated BCH Lions 6 to 3 in the second leg of the promotion/relegation series to secure their spot in the Premier League next season. Bavarians took a two-goal lead into the match by virtue of its 2-0 victory in the first leg played on 5 July. Ultimately Bavarians FC earned a comfortable 8-3 aggregate series victory.

In the first leg, Bavarians took an early lead in the 16th minute thanks to an own goal by BCH Lions defender and captain Chin-Orgil Togtokhbayar. Bavarians caught the Lions on a counterattack break and sent a lazy ball into the box. With no other Bavarians players nearby, the ball clipped the foot of Togtokhbayar and took a weird bounce on goal. The surprised BCH Lions goalkeeper dove but could not get a hand on the ball.

In the 57th minute BCH Lions managed a solid scoring effort on goal in an attempt to equalize. Ultimately Bavarians took possession and launched a counterattack. Brazilian centre-forward Adison Daniel Pereira Schneeweiss (aka Adison) scored the goal but went down injured on the play. The 32-year-old Adison joined the club in February 2023 following impressive stints in Bulgaria, Poland, and Slovakia in addition to his homeland.

Bavarians FC padded their lead early in match 2 with a 14th-minute strike by O. Odbayar and a 19th-minute tally by Adison. BCH Lions tried to mount a comeback with B. Telmuun getting one back in the 30th minute. Harada Tomoaki broke the Lions' momentum and gave Bavarians a 3-1 lead two minutes later.

BCH Lions were able to fight back and equalize through goals by Chin-Orgil Togtokhbayar (45+2) and M. Bilguun (50, but Adison added three more goals to end all hopes for a BCH combeback.

Bavarians FC was founded in 2020 as a team for fans of German club FC Bayern Munich. Following a run to the quarter-finals in the National Amateur Cup that year, the club saw itself in the Second League the following season. The club finished at the top of the table in 2022 and was promoted to the First League. Just one season later, the club has earned promotion to the top flight.

BCH Lions also has a short but impressive history. Founded in 2018, the club earned three consecutive promotions and found themselves in the Premier League in 2021. The team has not been able to continue its dominance in the top flight and has been in the relegation zone for the past three seasons. They will see themselves back in the First League for the 2023/24 campaign.

To watch the full matches and highlights, go to:

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