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  • Justin Grimm

Club Spotlight: BCH Lions

Over the past several seasons, close followers of Mongolian football may have noticed the name BCH Lions at times. Typically the name popped up in obscure articles or tables from the lower leagues. But in 2021, the club will debut in the Mongolian Premier League. So it is time to ask, "Who are the BCH Lions?"

Despite a number of successes so far, the history of BCH Lions is quite short. In 2018 the team was formed as a breakaway club from Premier League side Selenge Press FC. There was a lot of change happening at the club at this time which ultimately also resulted in it becoming SP Falcons.

The foundation of Lions was orchestrated by long-time Selenge Press coach Badarch Chin-Orgil who had been head coach of Selenge Press for almost a decade. The coach named his new club after himself with the BCH representing Badarch Chin-Orgil.

Chin-Orgil then became the inaugural head coach of his nascent club which, being new, was forced to begin play in the lowest tier of the Mongolian league system, the National Amateur Cup (4th), in 2019. During the season, the BCH Lions won the championship by defeat Khad FC in the final and began its climb up the league ladder.

BCH Lions winning the National Amateur Cup in 2018

Because of their Amateur Cup victory, the team earned the right to play in the inaugural season of the 2nd League for the 2019 season. After going an impressive 6-1-1 in the short season, the team once again finished top of the table and earned promotion to the 1st League in 2020.

BCH's story is going to get a little boring and repetitive here. During its first season in the second division, (you guessed it) the team won its third consecutive championship, meaning that the team will compete in the Premier League for the first time next season.

In just three short years, the club went from non-existence to the top of the Mongolian football pyramid, all under the leadership of its original founder and head coach Badarch Chin-Orgil. Will BCH Lions win a fourth-straight championship next season? It seems unlikely, but don't count them out; stranger things have happened.

BCH Lions celebrating its 2020 1st League championship



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