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Hunters FC Win 2022/23 Second League

Image property of Hunters FC

The final matches of the 2022/23 Second League concluded today with Hunters FC having secured the title before the day even began. The steadily-rising club will play in the First League next season. Kharaatsai FC finished second and should face the yet-undecided 9th place finisher of the First League in a play-off series. Capitron FC rounded out the top three.

Hunters, a club from the Crystal Town district of Ulaanbaatar supported by almost a dozen organizations including the Mongolia-Republic of Korea Economic Support Conference, dominated both the league and individual statistic tables.The club finished the 18-match season undefeated, with fifteen victories, three draws, and a +61 goal difference.

25-year-old winger Munkhzul Byambasuren topped the league scoring charts with 21 goals while teammate Batmunkh Sukh-Erdene finished in second. The 21-year-old striker tallied 17 goals. The former took home the award for the league's best striker. Hunters goalkeeper Erdenesuren Munkh-Erdene won the award for his position while Buyandelger Munkh-Erdene was recognized as the best defender. Capitron midfielder M. Enkh-Od was the only non-Hunters player to win an award.

Khukh Arslanguud FC and Shonkhoruud FC finished in 9th and 10th places, respectively, and at least one should see itself back in the Amateur Cup next year.

The double round-robin schedule kicked off on 17 September 2022 with matches being played at both the MFF Football Centre and Khan-Uul Stadium.

Full Table

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Top Goalscorers

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Individual Awards

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Best Forward: Munkhzul Byambasuren (Hunters FC)

Best Midfielder: M. Enkh-Od (Capitron)

Best Defender: Buyandelger Munkh-Erdene (Hunters FC)

Best Goalkeeper: Erdenesuren Munkh-Erdene (Hunters FC)



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