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  • Justin Grimm

New-Look MPL Kicks Off, More Changes Teased

Image property of the MFF

The 2023/24 MPL season kicked off on 5 August with a new logo to begin the new campaign. The MFF Competitions Committee decided to begin the season slightly earlier than normal to accommodate the FIFA international match windows this year, including for the first round of qualification for the 2026 World Cup.

Once again a winter break will divide the two halves of the season with the Fall season ending on 29 October and the Spring season resuming in March 2024. The association has teased that more updates will be announced at that time, including a modernized reporting and statistics platform which is being implemented through a partnership with UEFA. Fans should be particularly interested in the statistic reporting platform, as individual player statistics have historically been extremely difficult to find for Mongolia's leagues.

As expected, both Erdenes Ilch FC and Bavarians FC joined the top-flight this season. As the club promised, Ulaanbaatar City FC is absent from the league.

The full schedule for the first half of the season can be found below.



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