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  • Justin Grimm

Season Recap: 2020 National Amateur Cup

Image property of the MFF

Following several delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and government restrictions, the 2020 edition of the National Amateur Cup kicked off on 3 September. The twenty-four participating clubs were divided into six groups of four. The top two clubs from each group advanced to the knockout rounds and were joined by the top four third-place finishers. The tournament concluded on 22 October. As usual, all matches were played at the MFF Football Centre.

This edition of the tournament saw many changes. Firstly, this was the first season in which the name National Amateur Cup was used. Previously the competition was known as the National Youth Championship and was organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports from its inception through 2019.

Strict roster guidelines were established, including an eighteen to twenty-player squad with at least two goalkeepers available. Head coaches were required to hold at least an AFC C-License. Despite the tournament's previous name, only the adult sides of each club were eligible to participate. Clubs were not allowed to register a player under the age of sixteen. To participate, clubs must hold amateur status.

Clubs that were relegated from the Second League during the 2019 season were eligible to participate.

Hunters FC fell to Khad FC in the final. In the third-place match the Miners of Baganuur Tulnuud FC defeated Tuuliin Tom Tulnuud FC by a score of 2 to 1.

Khad FC earned automatic promotion while Hunters FC will face Khökh Chononuud FC in a promotion/relegation play-off.

Several other interesting clubs participated in this year's tournament, including the provincial team of Govisümber and Nalaikh Bizon FC, a football club under the umbrella of a popular basketball team of the same name.

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Individual Award Winners

Best Goalkeeper

B. Tuguldur (Hunters FC)

Best Defender

Ts. Bulganbaatar (Hunters FC)

Best Midfielder

N. Gantogs (Khad FC)

Best Attacker

M. Delgersaikhan (Baganuur Tulnuud FC)



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