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  • Justin Grimm

Season Recap: 2022 Women's National Football League

Storm FC won its first championship in its debut season, going undefeated and amassing 48 points. They are only the fifth club to win the league since its inception in 2015. Arvis FC has won it three times and Deren FC twice with Khad FC and UBC FC level with Storm FC with one title. UBC FC, last year's champions, was absent from the league this year. Kharaatsai finished in second, two points behind Storm while Tuv Buganuud distantly rounded out the top three with twenty five points.


Top Goalscorer: Narmandakh Namuunaa (Storm FC)

The striker and the national team's all-time top scorer Narmandakh Namuunaa won the league Golden Boot Award with 18 goals in 18 appearances.

Best Midfielder: Tsolmon Ganchimeg (Kharaatsai FC)

The 19-year-old national teamer continued her top-notch play. She has been a top player in the league since 2017 when she won the Golden Ball for the best female player at age 14.

Best Defender: Altansukh Altantuya (Storm FC)

The stalwart defender consistently proved why she is the women's national team captain.

Best Goalkeeper: B. Munkhzul (Storm FC)

Munkhzul helped her club maintain an incredible +61 goal differential over the 18-match season. Her five goals conceded were the fewest allowed by any goalkeeper.

Following the season, Narmandakh Namuunaa won the Golden Ball award for best female player. S. Shinebayar of Kharaatsai won the Golden Ball for best coach of a women's club.


The sixth season of the Mongolian Women's National Football League kicked off on 30 May 2022 with a 3-0 victory for Tuuliin Tom Tulnuud FC over Deren FC. The 18-match season concluded on 28 October 2022 with a final match between Zogiinuud FC and Tuv Buganuud FC. The Bees beat the Deer 4-2.

In total 170 players aged 17 to 39 competed in the tournament. 236 goals were scored across the season.

The most goals scored in a single match was in a 14-0 victory for Storm FC over Deren FC on 27 August 2022.



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