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  • Justin Grimm

Season Recap: 2023 Women's National Football League

Image property of the MFF

The 2023 Women's National Football League season kicked off on 22 June with final matches played on 8 October. Kharaatsai topped the table with eleven victories and one defeat over the twelve-match season. The championship was the club's first since the league began in 2015. Kharaatsai's next-best finish was as runner's up last year.

Only five teams competed in this edition of the league: Ilch FC, Storm FC, Khad FC, and Tul-Zugiinuud FC, in addition to Kharaatsai. Tul-Zuginuud was a combined team fielded by Tuuliin Tom Tunuud FC and Zugiinuud FC and featured a combined crest.

Ilch FC finished second while last year's victors, Storm FC, took home the bronze medal.

Image property of MFC. Click to enlarge.

Unsurprisingly, Kharaatsai players also took home most of the seson's individual honours. The exception was Ilch FC's E. Ankhtuya who was named best midfielder.

Image property of MFC. Click to enlarge.

Tul-Zuginuud FC's Hybrid crest for the season.



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