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T. Gantogtokh Headlines FIFA Series Squad

Image property of SK Dinamo Ceske-Budejovice

Yesterday the Mongolian Football Federation announced its squad for upcoming FIFA Series matches against Azerbaijan and Tanzania on 22 and 25 March, respectively. While the squad remains mostly unchanged from the roster that crashed out of 2026 World Cup qualification to Afghanistan, there are some notable changes.

An important addition to the roster is Czech-based striker Tuguldur Gantogtokh who is called-up to the senior team for the first time. This is the player's first call-up of any kind since first appearing for the national under-17 team in 2019. The forward, who recently made his senior debut with Dinamo Ceske-Budejovice in both the first division and FA cup, will hope to ignite an offense that has scored just one goal over six matches since the beginning of 2023.

Surprisingly absent from the roster announced on Friday was Mongolian bannerman Ganbold Ganbayar of KFC Komarno of Slovakia's second division. The omission is particularly surpising considering the attackers consistently solid form and his proximity to Azerbaijan where the matches will be played. Ganbayar appeared in Komarno's last match on 9 March and has scored three goals in thirteen appearances during the current season.

The only other European-based player in the squad is Batbayar Tsogtbayar who recently rejoined SU Rebenland Leutschach in the lower divisions of Austrian football following a brief stint with Deren FC. Filip Chinzorig joined FC Ulaanbaatar from FC Slavia Karlovy Vary during the winter transfer window.

Full squad


Enkhtoivan Munkh-Erdene (FC Ulaanbaatar)

Batsaykhan Ariunbold (Khangarid)

Khanda Tsenguun (Bulgan SP Falcons)


Gerelt-Od Bat-Orgil (FC Ulaanbaatar)

Batbaatar Amgalanbat (FC Ulaanbaatar)

Andersen Filip-Chinzoring (FC Ulaanbaatar)

Erdenecheming Unur-Erdene (FC Ulaanbaatar)

Purevdorj Bayartsengel (Khangarid FC)

Orkhon Munkh-Orgil (Deren FC)

Khashchuluun Naranbaatar(Deren FC)

Bat-Erdene Uuganbat (Deren FC)

Erkhembayar Enkhbold (Deren FC)

Ganbold Bilguun (Khaan Khuns-Erchim)


Khurelbaatar Tsend-Ayush (Tuv Azarganuud)

Purevsuren Uunganbayar (FC Ulaanbaatar)

Amaara Dulguun (FC Ulaanbaatar)

Baljinyam Batmunkh (Deren FC)

Gan-Erdene Erdenebat (Deren FC)

Tuguldur Munkhbaatar (Khoromkhon)

Tumen-Ulzi Sodbilguun (Khangarid FC)

Batbayar Tsogtbayar (SU Rebenland, Austria)

Ankhbayar Sodmunkh (Brera Ilch)

Nergui Sainbuyan (Khovd FC)

Ganbat Buyannemunkh (Khovd FC)


Oyunbaatar Mijiddorj (FC Ulaanbaatar)

Uganbat Temuulen (FC Ullaanbaatar)

Zayat Temuulen (Khangarid FC)

Bathuyaq Munkh-Erdene (Khovd FC)

Baatartogt Namsarai (Bulgan SP Falcons)

Gantogtokh Tuguldur (SK Dinamo Ceske-Budejovice, Czech Republic)

Image property of the Mongolian Football Federation



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