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UPDATED: Summer 22/23 Transfer Tracker

Image property of the MFF

Below are all of the announced roster moves ahead of the 22/23 football season. The summer transfer window opened on 4 July and will remain open through 15 August.

Bavarians FC

1. Berdhaan Sultanbek from Erchim B

2. Bayar Natsag from SP Falcons

3. Anar B. from Hunters FC

4. Batmunkhin Ankhbayar from SP Falcons

5. Tsogtbaatar Munkhtulga from SP Falcons

6. Tsodolin Batzorig from Tuv Buganuud

7. Regzeng Otgonpurev from Tuv Buganuud

8. Sukhbaatar Azkhyu from Tuv Buganuud

9. Losolsuren Munganshagai from Khoromkhon

Deren FC

1. A. Mendbayar returns from loan from Tuv Buganuud

2. Nikita Artemenko from Zhasmin Mikhaylovsk FC (Russia)

3. Savva Knazev from Zhasmin Mikhaylovsk FC (Russia)

Khaan Khuns-Erchim FC

1. J. Munkhbolor from Erchim B

2. B. Balzhinyam from Khangarid FC

3. Jahan Daiki from Kaiho Bank SC (Japan)

4. Kim Min Seo from Kosice (Serbia)

Khangarid FC

1. B. Ochirzaya from Tuv Buganuud FC

2. S. Tserendorj from Ulaanbaatar City FC

Khovd FC

1. Temuujin Altansukh from Athletic 220 FC

2. Ch. Bat-Erdene from Athletic 220 FC

3. O. Enkh-Orgil from Athletic 220 FC

4. M. Buyant from Athletic 220 FC

5. B. Enkhtulga from Athletic 220 FC

6. A. Erdembileg from Athletic 220 FC

7. Nyam-Osor Naranbold from Tuv Buganuud

8. Purevdorj Bayartsengel from Tuv Buganuud

9. Saikhanchuluun Amarbayasgalan from FC Ulaanbaatar

10. P. Enkhbileg from Athletic 220 FC

11. Amarsaikhany Temunun from Arvis FC

12. Battogtoh Erdene-Undrah from Mongolian Dream

13. Sh. Enkhtuvshin from Khovd Western

14. Ken Murayama from Athletic 220 FC

15. Aoi Isami from KPP FC (Thailand)

16. Ayumu Yamane from Rather SV (Germany)

17. Masaka Soma from MKS Ilanka Rzepin (Poland)

18. Sho Otsuka from MSV Neuruppin (Germany)

19. Garidmagnai Bayasgalan (manager)

20. Yura Sainkhu (GK Manager)

21. Enkhbayarin Chinbaatar from Khaan Khuns-Erchim (assistant manager)

SP Falcons

1. Ts.Bat-Erdene from Khovd Western

2. S.Otgontsagaan from Khovd Western

3. B. Chinmargad from Khovd Western

4. S. Zhambalbavuu from DMU

5. Andre Paulino Ferriera from SP Crystal (Brazil)

6. Tiago Tomais Santos Costa from SP Crystal (Brazil)

7. Vitor Guilherme dos Santos from SP Crystal (Brazil)

8. Matteo Rosario Russo re-signs

Tuv Buganuud FC

1. B. Munkhbold from SP Falcons

2. E. Munkh-Erdene from SP Falcons

3. Ts. Munkh-Erdene from FC Ulaanbaatar

4. P. Bilegjargal from Deren FC

5. R. Sodnomragchaa from Khovd

6. B. Ölziy-Od from Athletic 220 FC

7. G. Yondonjamts from Athletic 220 FC

8. Kenta Kishi

9. Nishimura Yuma from Khovd

10. Furukawa Ryusei from FC Ulaanbaatar

11. Sugasawa Takaya from Khovd

FC Ulaanbaatar

1. Gantogtokh Gantuya from Tuv Buganuud

2. Emeka Emerum from Dobanovci (Serbia)

3. Enkhtaivan Munkh-Erdene from Athletic 220 FC

4. Abdul Rashid Obuobi from Zlatibor (Serbia)

Ulaanbaatar City FC

1. B. Amgalanbat from Kharaatsai

2. B. Temujin from Athletic 220 FC

3. A. Lhagvasuren from Blue Lions

4. G. Murensaikhan from Capitron

5. Igor Potapov from Chita (Russia)

The winter transfer window will open 1 February 2023 and close 28 February 2023.



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