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  • Justin Grimm

Athletic 220 Win First MPL Title

Image property of the National Premier League

It's official. Athletic 220 FC is the champion of the Mongolian Premier League for the 220 season. The title marks the first such achievement for the perennial contender.

Going into the final matchday, Khangarid FC had the opportunity to finish even on points with Athletic 220 but the former's loss to FC Ulaanbaatar and the latter's draw with SP Falcons sealed the standings for both clubs.

Athletic 220's championship makes two first-time league champions in the past two seasons, seemingly ending the Erchim FC dynasty that was dominant until 2019. Erchim FC finished fourth in the table despite financial support from and merger with Khaan Khuns Titem FC prior to the this season.

The champions were greatly bolstered by front man Nyam-Osor Naranbold who scored an unbelievable 30 goals, including his team's only tally in today's match which sealed the title. This is Naranbold's first scoring title since he tallied 17 goals in 2017.

Unless there is an unusual turn of events caused by the 2020 AFC Cup being abandoned because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, both Athletic 220 FC and Nyam-Osor Naranbold will experience their first continental cup campaign in 2021.



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